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Blog: Data science

Governing AI: A matter of principle

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the single all-consuming passion of today’s..
LifeScore Labs
It's important for your data science team to monitor predictive model inputs and outputs

The ins and outs of model monitoring

It’s a foregone conclusion that accelerated underwriting improves efficiency and customer..
LifeScore Labs

Life underwriting, data science and swiss cheese

These seemingly unrelated items illustrate the progression of automated and accelerated..
Dean Regrut, Head of Product

Code breaker: Using medical claims codes in underwriting

Data drives underwriting, transformation and risk assessment. As such, the life insurance industry..
LifeScore Labs

Obstacles to accelerated underwriting and the ‘3 C’s’ of data

There’s a fact in the life insurance industry: The faster you can put an offer in an applicant’s..
Ada Xu

Your data is safe with us: Protecting data in predictive modeling

Data is an increasingly powerful asset for companies in every industry, and this is especially true..
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