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Blog: Data and Technology

Our predictions focus on how the data can improve life insurance underwriting.

Three bold predictions for life insurers in 2024

January is a time for two things: resolutions and predictions. We’ll leave the former to you and..
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Governing AI: A matter of principle

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the single all-consuming passion of today’s..
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It's important for your data science team to monitor predictive model inputs and outputs

The ins and outs of model monitoring

It’s a foregone conclusion that accelerated underwriting improves efficiency and customer..
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LifeScore Med360 automates underwriting and improves mortality.

If the proof is in the pudding, grab a spoon

We talk to a lot of carriers about how our mortality risk models support underwriters in making..
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The explainability factor

In the life insurance industry, the growth of predictive models and data-driven risk assessment is..
LifeScore Labs

Know the score: For this life insurer, an algorithm changed everything

When a life insurance giant applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to its own massive..
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Your data is safe with us: Protecting data in predictive modeling

Data is an increasingly powerful asset for companies in every industry, and this is especially true..
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WHITE PAPER: development of LifeScore Med360

Leveraging a data set spanning 15 years of applications at MassMutual, this technical paper..
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