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2023 gift-giving guide for the life insurance industry

2023 gift giving

The perfect gift for the data scientist, actuary or underwriter on your list.

For data scientists

Order from chaos

This simple desktop Galton board helps your favorite data scientists visualize order from chaos.

The Galton Board | $58

a Galton board helps to made order from chaos

Less is more

Sometimes, data scientists need to be reminded to keep it simple, and a kitsch coffee mug does just that.

Nacho Average…Data Scientist | $18

Nacho average data scientist coffee mug


Everything AI

Give your beloved data scientist even more reasons to geek out.

Amazon is offering free online training to fill the need for an AI-savvy workforce. 
Amazon AI Ready | FREE 

Free AI training from Amazon


The paid subscription of ChatGPT includes beta versions of its chatbot that acts as a digital virtual assistant that’s way more talented than Siri.
ChatGPT Plus subscription | $20 per month

ChatGPT Plus subscription makes a great gift


The latest in AI gadgetry debuts as a wearable, screenless smartphone with voice recognition that can project its display onto any surface. Who doesn’t need that?
Humane AI Pin | $699+

Humane AI is a wearable screenless smartphone


Data visualization

Edward Tufte, the original data visualization guru, offers his iconic The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, as well as online and in-person classes and an impressive collection of art. While you’re at it, Hogpen Hill Farms is Tufte’s 234-acre sculpture park and studio situated in northwest Connecticut. It’s worth a visit—make a weekend of it, but check their hours first.

Edward Tufte | price varies

Hog Pen Farm sculpture park


There’s a great big world out there

Studies indicate that exposure to nature increases happiness, positive social interactions, cognitive abilities and reduces stress and psychiatric disorders, including depression. Get off your computer and head outside.

National Parks Annual Pass | $80 


For actuaries 

Tackling challenges at every opportunity

Because who doesn’t need more math problems to figure out? 

Calculation wall clock | $25

Calculation wall clock

A forward-thinking vision

We’d all like to see into the future, but actuaries are especially keen to know what next quarter’s results look like; their pricing plays a significant role in your bottom line. 

Tarot card reading | prices vary

a tarot card reading is a fun look into the future


A valuable partnership

Just as an actuary understands the importance of a trusted partnership, pickleball is a relatively new phenom sport that celebrates communication, consistency, strength and trust between partners.  

Pickleball equipment | prices vary

Pickleball equipment


A broad view

Like actuaries, this telescope provides a broad, pinpoint-sharp view of objects far, far away.

Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ | $180 

Broad-view telescope



For underwriters

Mixed reality

Or maybe an escape from reality. The latest VR from Meta offers full immersion or blends reality with virtual worlds. “Seriously, in what reality do you not smoke?”

Oculus Quest 3 | $500

Oculus Quest 3 offers underwriters a mixed reality


No touch

Some underwriters are skeptical about no-touch underwriting and with good reason. Encourage your favorite underwriter to start small.

No-touch thermometer | $16

No touch thermometer makes a great gift

No-touch car wash | prices vary

No touch car wash makes a great gift


Navigate the unknown

Find your way without power, data or an engine. Outdoor Life has ranked the best compasses of 2023 and they’ll help you navigate an industry full of unknowns.

Compass | prices vary

Outdoor magazine rates the top compasses


Strength and balance

Balancing risk and reward is part of an underwriter’s responsibilities. Help them hone their glutes and quads as well.

Bosu ball | $25+

Give the gift of strength and balance

Mental health

Between constant change, new tools, data sources and expectations, it’s easy for underwriters to lose their heads. Headspace is an app that provides a lifelong guide to better mental health through meditation, mindfulness, coaching and therapy.

Headspace | $35 per year



Cool factor

Let’s face it: everyone in our industry could benefit from a boost in cool factor. Many Gen Zers turn their noses up at the insurance industry, but there are cool people everywhere. 

Everyone looks good in a biker jacket, and they NEVER go out of style.
Biker jacket | prices vary

A leather jacket looks good on everyone


For those who may shy away from the 'no-regrets' tattoo on their forehead, a removable elastic sleeve or temporary tattoo will convince the most conservative of folks that you’re committed to attracting younger generations to the insurance industry.

Sleeve | $10 
Temporary tattoo |  $10

There are many different temporary tattoos to choose from


A gift for the future

Bees symbolize cooperation, hard work and wisdom, and their populations are in trouble. The right ecosystem not only supports bee populations, it connects you with nature (see the big world out there) and helps maintain a local food supply. What is good for bees is good for the environment, good for the community and good for you.

Pollinator seed mix | $5.45

A bee in a pollinator garden