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Maverick approach to underwriting

The need for speed: A “Maverick” approach to underwriting

The multiple award nominations for “Top Gun: Maverick” at this year’s Oscars got us thinking. What..
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Rules engines and predictive models

Rules engines and predictive models: A complementary force

Despite the attention the industry pays to predictive mortality models, many still lack a clear..
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Insurance industry predictions

Five predictions for the life insurance industry in 2023

Say what you will about the insurance industry being old school— the transformation that has..
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3C's on a billboard for accelerated underwriting

Obstacles to accelerated underwriting and the ‘3 C’s’ of data

There’s a fact in the life insurance industry: The faster you can put an offer in an applicant’s..
Ada Xu
accelerated, fluidless and automated underwriting

Vocabulary matters: accelerated, fluidless and automated underwriting

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” Socrates “If you wish to converse with me,..
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animated image with man pointing at screen

Why insurers are struggling to build a data science capability

Data and data scientists are required ingredients in the transformation of the life insurance..
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explainability factor

The explainability factor

In the life insurance industry, the growth of predictive models and data-driven risk assessment is..
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dots connecting different icons

Connecting the dots: How predictive models can strengthen the reinsurer / carrier partnership

Is there a link between today’s machine learning (ML)-driven predictive risk models and stronger..
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predictive models

How to fall in love with a (predictive) model

Today’s life insurers are working to digitize as much of their underwriting as possible. As they..
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