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Blog: LifeScore

LifeScore Med360 automates underwriting and improves mortality.

If the proof is in the pudding, grab a spoon

We talk to a lot of carriers about how our mortality risk models support underwriters in making..
LifeScore Labs

The explainability factor

In the life insurance industry, the growth of predictive models and data-driven risk assessment is..
LifeScore Labs

How to fall in love with a (predictive) model

Today’s life insurers are working to digitize as much of their underwriting as possible. As they..
LifeScore Labs

It’s about time: The ROI of faster underwriting

Perfection takes time—and time is a valuable commodity. It’s also a priority for the actuarial..
LifeScore Labs

The road to life insurance Shangri-La

In a perfect world, when we work toward the same goal, we get there faster. But are we working..
Roseanna Hopper

4 Characteristics transforming life underwriting

Most of us would like to transform some aspect of our lives. We want to eat better, exercise more,..
LifeScore Labs

MassMutual’s LifeScore Labs and Antara Health partner to explore risk scoring in healthcare

Risk scoring will measure impact, improve patient experience, and achieve better health outcomes by..
LifeScore Labs

WHITE PAPER: development of LifeScore Med360

Leveraging a data set spanning 15 years of applications at MassMutual, this technical paper..
LifeScore Labs