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2022 gift-giving guide for the life insurance industry

Back by overwhelming demand, we’ve put together a gift-giving guide for loved ones who work in life insurance. Whether they’re traditional underwriters, data scientists responsible for building technology or executives who want to attract new talent, we’ve got something for everyone and every budget.

For the transparency-minded

See-Through Umbrella | $22
To know where you’re going and know where you’ve been, the see-through umbrella is a view you didn’t know you were missing…with absolutely no surprises.

For the well-traveled

Movers and shakers who are back on the road meeting with partners, speaking, or attending conferences and making things happen should get to travel in a little bit of luxury.

Priority Pass Gift Membership | Starting at $99
This membership lets a traveler access VIP lounges in airports around the world.

MEE Bluetooth Wireless Audio Adapter | $50
This adapter plugs into the headphone jack in your seat so that you can use your most comfortable noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones

For the do-good traveller

Rareform Travel Bags | $15 and up
For road warriors, do-gooders or fun-seekers, these bags are each unique and made from recycled billboards.

For the risk-savvy

The core mission of the insurance industry is to help clients manage risk. But that doesn’t have to be boring, right?

Premium Decorative Fire Extinguisher | $99
Stay safe in style.

RFID card | $9
Protect your loved ones’ finances with a simple card that makes credit cards invisible to scanners.

For the data-driven

Epigenetics Test Kit | $249 ($299 with a DNA test)
A simple saliva swab can reveal the unique nature-vs.-nurture impact on your health that a mere DNA test cannot.

High School Biology | Donation to Khan Academy is requested
We have it on good authority (Dean’s wife, the head of the science department at a local high school) that today’s bio classes are 80% genetics. Catch up with Gen Z on this knowledge. Who knows? Maybe your kids will talk to you.

Fitness Tracker | varies
Data collected from an Apple Watch, Fitbit or other device can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. (Always review the manufacturer’s privacy policy first.)

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For the aspirationally cool

Okay, insurance may not be sexy, but some of the coolest people we know are in the industry. Let’s amp up that cool factor to attract new talent.

How to Build Your Personal Brand on TikTok | Free
Want to get in on the TikTok craze in a big way? Start by taking this free course. (You may want to enlist a younger family member or friend for some of the projects.)

Professional Headshot | Price varies
Still using that 15-year-old photo for your social media profile? Sure, you looked good. But come on, seriously? It’s time to evolve your headshot. (Tip: Get a good haircut first.)

Virtual Reality for the Office | $1,600 for 4 headsets
While VR is still primarily for gaming, it’s starting to impact the insurance industry. Meta is looking for companies to help with Open Beta.

For the couch potato

Cedar Rapids (2011) | $3.99 rental
When a successful insurance agent, Tim Lippe, goes to a regional insurance conference in Iowa, hilarity and misadventure ensue.

Alias Jesse James (1959) | $14.61 for the DVD (keep that a secret because DVD are definitely not cool)
An oldie but a goodie: Incompetent insurance salesman Bob Hope sells Jesse James a $100,000 life insurance policy, then tries to buy it back. Lesson: Do your research and make sure people are who they say they are.

For the generous succession planner

Yup, the talent gap is real. Boomers are retiring and millennials and Gen Zers are tough to attract. Think about giving to these organizations, which promote risk management and insurance-related careers to minority students. NOTE that this is not an exhaustive list. Send us a note and we’ll be happy to give a shout-out to any organization that provides scholarships to minorities seeking insurance-related careers.)

Gift Donation to the J.L. Tillman Scholarship
Help further African American students’ education in insurance-related fields.

Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies (LAAIA)
Contact Maribel Ramirez, Executive Director at LAAIA to sponsor a scholarship.

For the rule-breaker

To make a great omelet, you’ve got to break some eggs. These suggestions may get you in the rule-breaking spirit.

Demolition Derby | Included with local fair entrance fee
Let’s face it: Nothing’s more fun than watching cars smash into each other—just ask Kent. Look up a demolition derby near you, or better yet, head down to your local mechanic in advance, assemble a crew, grab a helmet and smash some stuff.

Rage Room Membership | Starting at $80/month
This is a healthy way to break a bunch of stuff, safely. Packages come in the form of monthly memberships (~$80/month for four visits per month; frequency discounts available).

For the speed-seeker

NASCAR Tickets | Varies
Nothing says “accelerated” like average speeds of 180 mph. Say what you will about NASCAR, the drivers are calculated, data-driven and backed by a team that understands and deftly manages risk.

Happy holidays from LifeScore Labs!

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